Two Points Agency (Mario Scotti)
Mario Scotti
Country: Italy
Agency represents players GLOBALLY.
Mario Scotti Contact: cell phone: +39 347 2402 107
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Two Points
Via Boldori 12
26100 Cremona
Phone: +39 0372 565947
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We are an Italian based agency with a global reach. While we work closely with teams at the highest levels of European basketball we are also fully licensed with the NBA. Operating since 2001, we have concluded contracts with every single professional team in Italy as well as many teams in Spain, Turkey, France, Russia and other markets. We are a full service agency who offers complete support to our clients from tax services to organizing youth camps and other summer events. We have extensive experience in working with Euroleague and Eurocup teams across the continent and we take a personal and focused interest in making sure that every player we represent has the opportunity to play at the highest level that their talent and hard work deserves.