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Stanislav Ryzhov Services (Stanislav Ryzhov)
  Main Info  

Stanislav Ryzhov
Agent's Page

Country: Russia
E-mail: stas@proteam.pro
URL: http://proteam.pro/en/clients/represented-players/

Stanislav Ryzhov Contact:
Phone +1 (718) 915-1524

Stanislav Ryzhov Services:
RIZO Basketball Agency started in 2007, working mainly in Russia, one of top three European Leagues. During 2008 we also expanded to Ukraine and Baltic countries. Agency built its strong reputation among teams with signing top level foreigner players. All this time not only worked as regular agents, but also helped teams with scouting service, providing accurate stats, videos and personal information about players. We gained absolute trust from teams and their management, which allowed us to offer a great number of players for multiple positions. Our task is not to just sign a player, but to find a perfect spot for him, where both player and team will be mutually satisfied with each other. We like to help players career development so they will be absolutely sure, that their career will improve with every season. Since 2009 we established strong connections in several European leagues of all levels, to ensure, that we can bring every player and guide him from his rookie season to highest level of competition step by step. In 2010 we opened our representation in USA to be closer to our clients in every spot of the World.
In summer of 2012 we changed our brand - ProTeam Agency. We not only representing our basketball players in negotiations with Clubs, but provide to our clients full amount of services including endorsement deals, investment plans, individual workout programs, etc.
We also glad to announce that starting from 2012 we are leading agency in amount of signed contracts in eastern Europe (especially in Russia). You can check our list of represented players following by link above.

Collaborating agents:
Maxim Sharifyanov
FIBA Licence no:


List of Players represented by Stanislav Ryzhov
Men Players
Valeriy Alekseev210 C 94 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Serdar Annaev186 PG 94 RussiaUniv.Surgut (Russia)
Alexander Antonikovskiy202 F 95 RussiaAltajBasket (Russia)
Semen Antonov202 PF 89 RussiaCSKA (Russia)
Maxim Balashov188 G 80 UkraineKremen (Ukraine)
Sergey Balashov206 C/F 96 RussiaLokomotiv-2 (Russia)
Oleg Baranov201 F 82 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Oleg Bartunov197 F 85 RussiaSpartak SP (Russia)
Bogdan Bayda193 G 89 UkraineKremen (Ukraine)
Oleksandr Berhin205 C 85 UkraineKhortytsia (Ukraine)
Dmitro Berozhkin211 C 97 UkraineAzovmash (Ukraine)
Pavel Bugaenko206 C 94 RussiaRyazan (Russia)
Konstantin Bulanov204 F 90 RussiaParma (Russia)
Artem Butskyy185 PG 81 UkraineBudivelnyk (Ukraine)
Alexey Chigrinov189 G 89 UkraineKremen (Ukraine)
Aleksandr Dedushkin210 C 81 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Andrey Desyatnikov221 C 94 RussiaZenit (Russia)
Zabian Dowdell191 PG 84 USAEnisey (Russia)
Olexandr Drobiazko200 F 93 UkraineZolotoi Vek (Ukraine)
Benjamin-Pavel Dudu200 SF 91 RussiaDynamo-MGTU (Russia)
Pavel Dushenkov206 C 93 RussiaDyn-Magn.ChL (Russia)
Maxim Dybovskiy192 PG 87 RussiaParma (Russia)
Vladislav Egorov202 G/F 96 RussiaCOP KB (Russia)
Aleksandr Ershov196 SG 0 RussiaCSKA-2 (Russia)
Aleksey Fedorchuk208 C 86 RussiaUniv.Surgut (Russia)
Ivan Feshchenko202 F 91 RussiaDynamo-MGTU (Russia)
Timofey Gerasimov195 G 97 RussiaLokomotiv-2 (Russia)
Gleb Goldyrev200 F/G 93 RussiaNovosybirsk (Russia)
Sergey Gorbenko202 F 85 UkraineBudivelnyk (Ukraine)
Anatoliy Goritskov211 C/F 83 RussiaKirov (Russia)
Amil Hamzayev204 PF 90 AzerbaijanKremen (Ukraine)
Richard Hendrix203 C 86 USA FYR MacedoniaGalatasaray (Turkey)
Vitaliy Ionov201 PF 86 RussiaSakhalin (Russia)
Valentin Iurchik210 C/F 87 Belarus RussiaRyazan (Russia)
Lamont Jones183 PG 90 USAMornar Bar (Montenegro)
Dmitriy Kachanko200 G/F 86 RussiaTEMP-SUMZ (Russia)
Konstantin Kadykov191 G 92 RussiaSamara-SGEU (Russia)
Igor Kanygin207 F/C 94 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Sergey Karasev201 SG 93 RussiaZenit (Russia)
Evgeny Karpeko204 F 89 RussiaUniv.Surgut (Russia)
Alexandr Karpukhin191 G/F 90 RussiaTEMP-SUMZ (Russia)
Taras Klyundikov191 PG 95 RussiaMBA Moscow (Russia)
Nikita Klyundikov191 PG 95 RussiaRyazan (Russia)
Alexander Knyazyuk197 F/G 91 RussiaSamara-SGEU (Russia)
Evgeny Kolesnikov195 G 85 RussiaUnics (Russia)
Artem Komissarov199 G 90 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Georgiy Korotayev F 98 RussiaEnisey-2 (Russia)
Andrey Koshcheev205 F 87 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Artem Kovalov202 F 97 UkraineKhimik (Ukraine)
Pavel Krechetov188 PG 94 RussiaUfimets Ufa (Russia)
Dmitry Krukov198 F 90 RussiaJyWe (Finland)
Pavlo Krutous196 G/F 92 UkraineBudivelnyk (Ukraine)
Vadim Kudinov192 SF 98 RussiaLokomotiv-2 (Russia)
Mikhail Kulagin191 G 94 RussiaCSKA (Russia)
Dmitrii Kulagin197 G/F 92 RussiaCSKA (Russia)
Andrei Kuzemkin185 PG 87 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Artem Kuzmin200 F 98 RussiaCSKA-2 (Russia)
Kirill Kuznetsov188 PG 90 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Yuriy Lokhmanchuk197 G/F 87 UkraineKremen (Ukraine)
Andrey Lopatin208 SF 98 RussiaCSKA (Russia)
Denys Lukashov190 PG 89 UkraineEnisey (Russia)
Aleksandr Lunev202 F 80 RussiaAltajBasket (Russia)
Andriy Malysh203 F/C 83 UkraineCOR-Borisfen (Belarus)
Josh Mayo181 PG 87 USATelekom Bsk (Germany)
Sergey Mitusov193 PG 96 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Yevgenyi Morozov 94 UkraineKyiv-Vovcha (Ukraine)
Grigory Motovilov194 SG 98 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Timofey Mozgov216 C 86 RussiaLA Lakers (USA-NBA)
Alexandr Nerush192 G 83 UkraineKremen-2 (Ukraine)
Anton Nestorenko212 C 94 RussiaAltajBasket (Russia)
Ruslan Otverchenko192 SG 90 UkraineBudivelnyk (Ukraine)
Stanislav Ovdeyenko190 G 84 UkraineZaporizhya (Ukraine)
Viktor Pavlenko198 F 92 RussiaMBA Moscow (Russia)
Aleksandr Pavlov201 F 86 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Yevgeniy Perevertun 94 UkraineKhortytsia (Ukraine)
Vyacheslav Perov195 F 95 RussiaIrkut (Russia)
Yury Pershin194 G 94 RussiaTambov (Russia)
Vladimir Pichkurov193 G 90 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Volodymyr Pishchikov187 SG 94 UkraineKremen (Ukraine)
Ilya Platonov200 F/G 98 RussiaLokomotiv-2 (Russia)
Maksim Polyakov205 C 84 RussiaTEMP-SUMZ (Russia)
Ilya Popov210 C 95 RussiaN.Novgorod (Russia)
Anton Pushkov208 C 88 RussiaZenit (Russia)
Artem Pustovyi218 C 92 UkraineObradoiro (Spain)
Maksim Pylaev196 F 94 RussiaUfimets Ufa (Russia)
Nikita Remizov 0 RussiaLokomotiv-2 (Russia)
Pavel Rossov205 F/C 94 RussiaDynamo-MGTU (Russia)
Oleg Rudakov190 G 94 UkraineVolinBasket (Ukraine)
Maksim Sandul207 F/C 91 UkraineBudivelnyk (Ukraine)
Pavel Sergeev185 PG 87 RussiaUnics (Russia)
Andrey Shirkin199 F 90 RussiaSamara-2 (Russia)
Yaroslav Skrypets195 F 91 UkraineKremen (Ukraine)
Artem Slipenchuk193 G 89 UkraineBipa Basket (Ukraine)
Yan Sobolev185 G 96 RussiaCOP KB (Russia)
Nikita Soldatov199 F 99 RussiaCSKA-2 (Russia)
Stanislav Sotnikov200 F 85 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Pavel Spiridonov207 C 90 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Ivan Timoshuk191 G 91 UkraineVolinBasket (Ukraine)
Maxim Tkachenko185 PG 92 RussiaUral Ekaterinb. (Russia)
Sergey Toporov197 F 81 RussiaMBA Moscow (Russia)
Vladislav Trushkin201 SF 93 RussiaUnics (Russia)
Ruslan Tumanov195 F/G 91 RussiaTambov (Russia)
Ilia Usoltcev198 G 96 RussiaLokomotiv (Russia)
Ilya Usoltsev198 F 96 RussiaLokomotiv-2 (Russia)
Evgeny Valiev205 F 90 RussiaZenit (Russia)
Artem Vikhrov196 PG 92 RussiaZenit (Russia)
Ivan Viktorov196 F 95 RussiaKhimki (Russia)
Aleksandr Vinnik213 C 89 RussiaParma (Russia)
Evgeny Voytyuk200 F 91 RussiaZenit (Russia)
Rob Woodson180 PG USASokhumi (Georgia)
Dmytro Zabirchenko192 PG 84 UkraineSokhumi (Georgia)
Pavel Zakamov192 F/G 80 RussiaIrkut (Russia)
Denis Zakharov192 PG 93 RussiaLokomotiv (Russia)
Vasili Zavoruev197 G 87 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Gennady Zelenskiy186 PG 82 RussiaUniv.Surgut (Russia)
Vitaliy Zotov188 PG 97 UkraineBudivelnyk (Ukraine)
Vitaliy Zuev186 PG 89 RussiaSpartak SP (Russia)
Women Players
Irina Alekhina182 F 89 RussiaStavropol (Russia)
Kristina Alikina187 F 86 RussiaKazanochka (Russia)
Eugeniya Belyakova182 SF 86 RussiaUMMC (Russia)
Elena Kirillova186 SG 86 RussiaDynamo K. (Russia)
Galina Kiseleva183 SF 93 RussiaDynamo NR (Russia)
Daria Kolosovskaya182 SF 96 RussiaSparta&K MR (Russia)
Alexandra Kulicheva191 C 87 RussiaDynamo M. (Russia)
Daria Levchenko182 F/G 94 RussiaEnisey (Russia)
Maria Savina188 G 88 RussiaKazanochka (Russia)
Victoria Solovyeva186 F/G 91 RussiaDynamo M. (Russia)
Ksenia Tikhonenko192 F/C 93 Kazakhstan RussiaDynamo M. (Russia)

List of Coaches represented by Stanislav Ryzhov  
Oleg Baranov 82 RUS Ural Ekaterinb. (RUS)
Giorgos Bartzokas 65 GRE Khimki (RUS)
Valentin Berestnev 61 UKR Niko-Basket (UKR)
Roman Dvinyaninov 74 RUS Musson (RUS)
Ronen Ginzburg 63 ISR CEZ Nymburk (CZE)
Pavel Googe 61 RUS Vita Tbilisi (GEO)
Vasiliy Karasev 71 RUS Zenit (RUS)
Fotis Katsikaris 67 GRE Hapoel J-M (ISR)
Oleg Okulov 66 RUS Enisey (RUS)
Maxim Sharafan 88 RUS Lokomotiv-2 (RUS)
Zvi Sherf 51 ISR Maccabi Ashdod (ISR)
Gundars Vetra 67 LAT Dynamo K. (RUS)
Nebojsa Vidic 73 SRB Balkan (BUL)
Eriks Visockis 90 RUS Dynamo K. (RUS)
Martins Zibarts 74 LAT Dynamo K. (RUS)

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