DMG Sports (Dimitrios Seymour)
Dimitrios Seymour
Country: Canada
Agency represents players GLOBALLY.
Dimitrios Seymour Profile:
NBPA Certified
FIBA Certified #: 2016504605
DMG Sports Contact:
145 Front St East, Studio 106
Toronto, ON. M5A 1E3
DMG Sports Services:
DMG Sports provides: NBA-certified, NCAA-certified and FIBA-certified representation

Infinite potential exists in the exciting worlds of Sports and Entertainment. At the intersection of both is DMG Sports, a boutique management agency that has curated a dynamic niche negotiating over $3 million in contracts across the spectrum for our clients. DMG Sports provides dedicated attention, strong mentorship and nuanced guidance to underclassmen and seniors as they embark on their NBA journey, and to experienced professionals who are seeking NBA/G-League negotiation.

With nurtured relationships at every NBA organization, we firmly guide our athletes throughout the pre-draft process with tailored training — both on-and-off the court. Our athletes receive professional media training, certified nutritional consulting, and are connected with the most respected NBA trainers for focused on-court training that mirrors their pre-draft team workouts. DMG’s powerful marketing division hold deep-bonded relationships whom are constantly seeking athletes for marketing and endorsement opportunities. In order to create additional revenue streams for our athletes off the court that are lucrative and sustainable, we help our clients create a brand that will resonate.

List of Players represented by DMG Sports
Men Players
Caleb Agada193G94Nigeria CanadaHamilton HB (Canada)