Octagon Europe (Patty Doska)
Patty Doska
Country: Greece
Agency represents players GLOBALLY.
Patty Doska Profile:
Patty Doska was born in Athens, Greece and raised as bilingual (English & Greek). She attended Coventry University in the UK, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Culture & Media, followed by her Masters' of Arts in Applied Communication. Involved with sports all her life, she turned this interest to basketball where she has been providing numerous services to foreign players and their families that have come to play in Greece. A reliable professional with pleasant personality together with her wide-spread contacts and exceptional skills, have established her in the basketball world for the past 9 years, providing unrivaled services to imports and their closed ones.
Octagon Europe Contact:
Kolokotroni 6, 1st Floor, Office 6
1101 Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O.BOX 22587, 1522
Octagon Europe Services:
Octagon Basketball Europe was created in order for Octagon to dynamically expand in the European market, not only as an NBA agency that places American players in Europe, but also as a top Europe-based agency that will bring the top European talents to the NBA. The branding and expertise of Octagon in the draft and the NBA for over 30 years and the extensive experience and track record of Octagon Europe personnel guarantees an ideal combination for players that aim to enter the NBA draft and also compete at the top level of European basketball.

Octagon Basketball Europe is here to build on the success and the individual experience of its people that have been in the business for over three decades. With 18 already established offices (and more to come soon) and an extensive and exclusive network of 35 partners, we are capable of covering every need in every place or level. The profiles of the people of Octagon Basketball Europe network are found below.